Call for Photos for Exponent II’s 50th Anniversary

Next year, Exponent II celebrates its 50th anniversary. We need the help of current and former volunteers and participants to gather photos.

Heather Sundahl and I are working hard editing the book Fifty Years of Exponent II to be published by Signature Books in 2024. We will be able to include some photos and images in the book. We have some great options already, but we are hoping to gather more photos to consider using. In addition to the book, there may also be opportunities to include photos on the blog, in the magazine, on social media, or in event slideshows as part of the anniversary celebrations.

We are looking for photos from Exponent II gatherings—the annual retreat, board retreats, discussion groups, staff meetings, conferences, launch parties, or other events. Please only submit photographs that you own and that will not betray a confidence if shared.

Please email your submissions to Exponent2History at For each photo, please include (to the best of your ability) the names of those pictured, the location, and the year taken. By emailing a photo, you grant permission for the photo to be considered or used for publication in the Fifty Years of Exponent II book, on the blog or in Exponent II magazine, or included in social media posts, marketing material, or events.

Thank you! We look forward to celebrating this organization’s history with you!

Katie Ludlow Rich
Katie Ludlow Rich
Katie Ludlow Rich is a writer and independent scholar focused on 19th and 20th-century Mormon women's history. Email at katierich87 at gmail .com

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