Book Review: Earthbound Angel

Have you ever wondered what the pre-earth life was like? I’ve always been interested in the pre-earth life, since it’s something that none of us can remember. When I saw this book on the shelves, I was intrigued because the story takes place in the pre-mortal life and I wanted to see how the author imagined it.

The story is about a girl named Sophie and the events surrounding the war in heaven. Though it never says how old Sophie is, I get the feeling that she’s a teenager, since it’s a coming-of-age type of story. It felt like a young adult book, and those are sometimes the best books to read. Sophie is a Freedom Fighter. the name for those who prefer God’s plan and want the ability to make choices when they come to Earth. The No-Choicers are those who follow Satan and want to force people to choose good.

Though Sophie prefers the freedom to choose, a guy named Coe (who is a No-Choicer) takes a liking to her and tries very hard to convince her to join the other side. Then there’s another guy named Daniel (a freedom fighter), who I wasn’t very fond of as a character. These three are the main characters, but there are also others, like the teacher, and Sophie’s classmates and friends.

The author did a great job with this story. The plot kept moving along so fast I was always entertained and surprised along the way. It was truly creative and imaginative. For example, Sophie and her friends played transdimensional ball, a sport which involves teleporting to other dimensions and collecting certain items. I enjoyed reading about the different abilities and technologies the spirits had. The author portrayed the concept of time very well. Since there’s no night or day in the story’s spirit world, the characters never sleep, get tired, or keep track of time. It’s just one continuous flow. And the time is so much shorter than what we’re used to. For example, some of Sophie’s friends went down to Earth and then returned after living a full life, which was only about two hours of Sophie’s time.

Sophie attends classes where she learns about matter and the earth life. I found the depictions of the classes very creative and intriguing to read about. Another interesting thing was that the spirits had the same feelings that we earthlings have. They felt shyness, awkwardness, and all kinds of emotions. It wasn’t very different from Earth life. They also had food, plants, animals, fashion, sports, and danger.

Now I’ll share some things I didn’t like about the book. I have to say that I didn’t like Daniel at all. While he was a very good person, I disliked him because he was absolutely perfect. A perfect character in a story is not good because the reader can’t relate to him or her. And on top of that, Daniel kept swooping in to save Sophie whenever she was in trouble, and he seemed to know everything too. It wasn’t clear to me why Daniel knew more than Sophie and her classmates.

Since Sophie was first introduced in the book as fighting against the No-Choicers, I expected more from her, like knowing how to fight and how to defend herself. But she disappointed me at times. But in other aspects, she did so well. She moved the plot along and did things that scared her, like attending a No-Choicer meeting. She was daring and took risks, and I enjoyed that.

I enjoyed the story so much (other than the parts of Daniel being perfect and always saving Sophie) and am excited to read the next ones! The next book is about Sophie’s life on earth, and from what I know so far, her life on earth will be very unusual and crazy. This is the second book in the No Angel series, and the next one, Destiny’s Angel, is about Sophie’s earth life. So if you like young adult books and you’re interested in reading about how the pre-earth life may have been, then you will definitely like this book!

Note: This book review is about an earlier version of the book. I don’t know if the text was changed in the new version, but the title and book cover were definitely changed.



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