“A Wish for Zero Tolerance”

A Wish for Zero Tolerance

We join Lorie Winder Stromberg of Ordain Women in calling for “significant, systemic change in the way abuse is handled in the church.” In a recent OW blog post, she asks us to participate in their postcard- and letter-writing campaign to send the following message (or one of your own choosing) to the church by this General Conference weekend:


“Dear Presidents Nelson, Oaks and Eyring,

Given the recent disclosures of sexual abuse and the reported dismissal of victims who come forward, my wish is that you aggressively address the problem of sexual abuse in the church by taking victims’ claims seriously, holding their abusers accountable, establishing systemic guidelines for reporting abuse independent of the male priesthood line of authority, and ceasing to dismiss or cover up instances of abuse involving members and leaders. There should be zero tolerance for such abuse in a church that bears Christ’s name.


Lorie Winder Stromberg”


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