2019 Annual Report

2019 was a very good year for Exponent II. We celebrated our 45th anniversary, strengthened and professionalized the organization, and dramatically improved our financial sustainability.  Along the way, we updated our mission statement, held a remarkable retreat, continued to publish our award-winning magazine, and received retroactive reinstatement of our tax-exempt status, which restores our ability to accept tax-deductible donations.

Linked you’ll find a copy of our 2019 Annual Report detailing the work we’ve done and the successes we’re celebrating. We believe it’s of utmost importance to be transparent with and accountable to you, our Exponent community.

It’s an increasingly large and diverse community. Our blog had over 1 million pageviews in 2019. Our Facebook discussion group is nearing 5,000 members (as of June 2020) who discuss topics related to Mormonism and equality. Our magazine shares personal narratives, feminist theology, poetry, fiction, and art by women and gender minorities across the Mormon spectrum. We’re also in the process of launching a new website that will bring all of our activities under one umbrella and allow us to function as a single unit.

Will you join us in the work? As we expand our reach and strengthen our commitment to intersectionality, we find that our biggest barrier to outreach is a financial one. We want to make the Exponent II magazine accessible to more people who can benefit from a thoughtful, diverse, non-male-centric approach to Mormonism. We would love to create a more robust scholarship fund for our annual retreat. We want to pay our hard-working editors and group moderators to show that their work is important and valid.

We have big plans for the future, including printing a new edition of our Illuminating Women coloring book, holding retreats outside of New England, producing more Exponent II merchandise, and creating more forums for our community members to share their stories.

Click here to help support this work with either a one-time or recurring donation. If you’re able to commit to a recurring donation, these enable us to better project our financial situation and plan accordingly. We need your help to pursue our important mission!

Yours in sisterhood,

The Exponent II Board

(Barbara Christiansen, Kirsten Campbell, Pandora Brewer, Susan Christiansen, Emily Gray, Margaret Olsen Hemming, Libby Potter Boss, Carrie Salisbury, Heather Sundahl and Katrina Vinck Baker)


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