Ramona Morris

Ramona is a very sassy day saint from the island of Barbados. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies as a BYU-Idaho online student. In her free time, you can find her running away from her friends who all ask for advice and watching way too much Netflix and Korean dramas .

Does My Feminism Offend You?

A couple years back, after dipping my toes back in the dating pond following the death of my grandmother, I encountered a young man...

Admit It… I Was Your Job!

When I was first introduced to the gospel, I approached it with the doe-eyed enthusiasm of someone who had been searching to find a drink of spiritual nourishment after a long, faithless drought.

I Won’t Beg!

Somewhere in LDS culture, it has been ingrained into the minds of young single adult women that our lives never truly start until we get married. Until then, it appears that we are to live in a perpetual state of limbo, jealously seething from the sidelines as friends, foes and floozies run off to the temple at the speed of light.

Why Representation In General Conference Matters

Some would like to believe that representation doesn’t matter. They try to reduce the sense of belonging so many crave to be a carnal, selfish or even naive request. Why should we want to see people who look like us when we already know that we are a worldwide church?

Anxiety:Team Of One

As my anxiety grew worse, I began to self-destruct like a bomb with an overeager timer set for detonation. Each day was spent with the same routine of tears before breakfast followed by tears with sprinkles of anger for lunch and an emotional meltdown (panic attack) with a side dish of tears for dinner.

My Black Voice is (s)ILENT

Maybe, I was searching for something. A part of me believes that I was seeking to find connectivity in a church that despite their best efforts doesn’t quite reflect my blackness back to me. Still, I remained optimistic that somewhere…somehow, I would find community.

I Won’t Hate This Body…Even If You Think I Should

When I was a wee little thing, I asked Heavenly Father to bless me with big boobs. Greatly influenced by watching soap operas during the entire summer vacation, I discovered that the women on television who seemed to get the most attention seemed to be blessed with large chests and tiny waists.

I Still Remember

At first, I tried to tell myself that this was what I wanted. I tried to justify that I had kissed this man. I tried to tell myself that I had led him on and caused him to feel as though I wanted this too. Then he whispered the words I thought I would only hear from my husband telling me that he deserved to get what he wanted.
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