Nativity: A Letter to My Son

na·tiv·i·ty (n -t v -t , n -). n. pl. na·tiv·i·ties. 1. Birth, especially the place, conditions, or circumstances of being born. Dear Luke, You're a grown...

All I Really Need To Know About Mothering I Learned From My Cat

"She got up from where she was lying, stepped over them, and left those newborn-blind, helpless kittens mewing plaintively in their box. They began feeling around, smelling for her, trembling as they tried to walk on tiny paws. And she just walked away. I stopped what I was doing to watch. "

We Are Daughters and Sons of Heavenly Parents

"We are all asked to bring the same thing with us when we approach the door of discipleship: a broken heart and contrite spirit."

Claiming Our Name

I claimed my name – with all its sordid history—and, by so doing, I transformed it into something beautiful and ennobling for me and for my children.

Relief Society General Broadcast: Thomas S. Monson

LDS Church President, Thomas S. Monson, beautifully discribes symptoms of situational depression and anorexia in a young mother who is overwhelmed and unable to cope. A gift of grace - a loaf of home made bread from a stranger - provides evidence of God's love for her.

Seeing Through The Veil

"Each soul walks this earth clothed not only in mortal flesh, but also in accoutrements of hardship, disability, distortion and corruption of truth . . . the veil of mortality separates us not only from the presence of God, but also from ourselves and from each other."

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk a poem about God the Mother   I miss Her breast today; her heart, pulsing against my cheek.   She unlatched me; gave me to the care of my brother, her firstborn...

Pioneers: Just Surviving Their Own Journey

"All she was doing was surviving her own journey. And writing a few words about it. That’s all any of us can do. We are all pioneers. . ."
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