Kaylee only wears sensible shoes (if she has to wear shoes at all) and is passionate about pants with functional pockets (even her Sunday slacks).

Women’s Lamentations

How can women be full partners when men will not promote them from associates? How can women organize when men must authorize every action? How can women inspire when they are crushed by patriarchy?

Creating Belonging in a New Ward

How would you go about creating a ward culture that is loving, inclusive, and charitable?

Playing Sacrament

I could not conscientiously prohibit my daughter's actions. I want her to explore a world where she has the power to create meaningful spiritual experiences. I want her to experience a connection with God in the way that is most intuitive to her. I want her to experiment with the ways she can use her mind and body to connect with divinity.

Setting Apart Our Daughters to Prepare and Pass the Sacrament

"In our church we believe that when women are set apart to do a calling, they fulfil that calling using the priesthood...Then why can’t...

Come Follow Me: Why you should read The Song of Solomon

I wasn’t asked to give a talk on “Why church members should read The Song of Solomon”, so here it goes. The Song of...

Do we believe in sacred groves?

I have a confession to make. The last few weeks, the most spiritual part of church for me hasn’t been inside the church building....

Come Follow Me: Esther “Thou Art Come … for Such a Time as This”

The book of Esther has a strong narrative that makes it ideal for having the class act out* the story. Bring simple props for...

Meditations on the Feminine Divine

I participated in a guided meditation session with a group of women. We sat in a circle, listening to music. We had our arms...
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