Katie Ludlow Rich

Katie Ludlow Rich is a writer and independent scholar focused on 19th and 20th-century Mormon women's history. Email at katierich87 at gmail .com

Better Sex Education for LDS Teens and Young Adult Women

LDS girls and women often only receive inadequate, shame-based sex education. They deserve better. Sex Educated by Bonnie Young has the potential to empower LDS teens and women with language and knowledge about their own bodies and sexuality.

Celebrating National Poetry Month With . . . Joseph Smith?

April is National Poetry Month and I didn’t want this month to get by without sharing some new-to-me poetry by Joseph Smith.

Women at LDS General Conference: Fewer are called, fewer are chosen, fewer are quoted

Peggy Fletcher Stack, senior religion reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune, wrote a fascinating analysis of the lack of women speakers at general conference, including research by Exponent II magazine theology editor Eliza Wells and thoughts from blogger April Young-Bennett.

Help Select the Best of the Blog!

We want to hear from you! Which Exponent blog posts have had the greatest impact on you personally, in the larger Mormon feminist community, and in the bloggernacle?

The Unwritten Order of Things and the For The Strength of Youth Updates #myFSY

When I read some of the changes to the For the Strength of Youth standards, they seemed like a move in the right direction. I wondered, however, will the reduction in explicit rules create unwritten rules that the youth are somehow supposed to figure out and live by? Or will they be given the necessary leeway to make their own choices and still find belonging at church?

Women are Born with Pain Built in—And then the Menopause Comes

In the show Fleabag, Belinda says, "We have pain on a cycle for years and years and years, and then just when you feel you are making peace with it all, what happens? The menopause comes."

At last, LDS Church employees to get insurance coverage for birth control

Tamarra Kemsley for The Salt Lake Tribune reports that "Starting in February, birth control will be covered under health insurance for employees of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a decision many are celebrating as both a grassroots victory and one that brings the financial policy more in line with the faith’s teachings on family planning."

What Latter-day Saints get wrong about the ‘Great Apostasy’

Peggy Fletcher Stack at the Salt Lake Tribune writes that Latter-day Saints generally believe that Jesus established a church during his ministry, but after the death of his apostles, that body fell away from its gospel foundation due to what is called “the Great Apostasy" . . . That is an overly simplistic, if not completely false, narrative, about early Christians, according to a new book of essays, “Ancient Christians: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints,” from the Maxwell Institute at church-owned Brigham Young University.
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