Bryn Brody

Sacrament Talk 2.0

omen haven't been theologians? This was not true at the time Elder Maxwell wrote it, and it isn't true now. What is true, however, is that the male leadership of the church have systematically denied and repressed the power women, transmasc, and non-binary people have.

Indiana, After a Storm

Whether you come whole or in pieces your offering is needed..

The Secret

"Mom I'm scared."

New Rituals, Ancient Legacy

My pioneer ancestors stored food like a repository of matrilineal love. As their rearguard, my life pulses with the seasonal flow of home canning....

I Would Gift Us

These are the gifts I would give us, and this is the way I would gift them. Jezebel served a goddess, one the Israelites also...

Today is the Day

Today, people will send thoughts and prayers. Today, people will plead for unity. And tomorrow, we'll have another mass shooting.

Anxiously Engaged

God has told us to "be doers of the word, and not hearers only," and, trusting him to guide me, I engage in the work of changing systems to better meet the needs "of the least of these."

Another Monument of Another Dead White Man

We know too much of the masculine and not enough of ourselves. We have lost more than I can bear.
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