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As a Latter-day Saint Woman, I was Ken

Just like Ken when he found books on patriarchy at the library and was introduced to the idea, this was my first time exploring the concept as an adult woman. I googled phrases like "Is patriarchy a bad thing?". As both Ken and I embarked on our respective journeys to learn about patriarchy, he became more and more excited and I became more and more ill at ease. My entire life I'd only heard variables of the word "patriarchy" in positive contexts - patriarchal blessings, patriarch of the home, stake patriarch, the patriarchal grip. Nobody had ever suggested it wasn't the best way to live life to me until I started reading an entire internet full of reasons why it might not be.

Being a Latter-day Saint Woman Was Just Like the Barbie Movie for Me, Part Two

So the next time you hear an LDS woman saying she's so grateful to *not* hold the priesthood and worry about the responsibilities that the men have, take a moment and remember those very capable Barbies embracing Ken's patriarchal system and expressing their own gratitude for not having to do their old jobs anymore. It's remarkably similar. I think the Barbie movie hit reality right on the head for the LDS church.

What would General Conference sound like in Ken-dom?

I want to dive into the land of Ken-dom and Mojo, Dojo, Casa Houses. What would General Conference sound like in the world of this totally fictional patriarchy? The Barbie movie is such a fun romp that this should be a good time.

Guest Post: Barbie, Ruth, and the Feminine Divine

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Guest Post: Get Real Barbie

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Weird Barbie is my Queer Spiritual Guide

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Barbie, the Real World, and My Mission

I hadn't planned on seeing Barbie. I didn't play much with dolls as a child, and my 90s self saw Barbie as perpetuating a...

Things I wish I knew before my 11 year old girls became “Young Women”

My twin daughters turned 12 years old at the end of October. Under the previous way of doing things in the Youth program this...
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