What’s New at Exponent II?

Whether you’ve followed along for years or are newly connecting with Exponent II, we want to make sure you know about the new ways to get involved, as well as some of our recent milestones in growing our community and advancing our mission. The best way to stay up to date as the year progresses is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter (sign-up here!). Our magazine is 100% reader-supported, so your subscription sustains this important work long-term.

New Ways To Get Involved

Winter 2023 issue of Exponent II being prepped for printing. Cover art by Mary Sinner.
  • Spend time with our new website, which now hosts, under one roof, our modern digital magazine experience, retreat info, and the blog—including the thousands of posts and comments since its founding in 2006. Your print subscription comes with a digital subscription, making it easy to share links to articles or to search our database for past articles.
  • Drop by our free, bimonthly writing workshops. These are for experienced and new writers alike. Past topics have included writing op-eds, erasure poetry and conducting good interviews.
  • Support our community funds, designed to support BIPOC content creators, artistic collaborations and needs-based scholarships.
  • Attend our quarterly launch parties for each issue of Exponent II magazine. It’s like attending a poetry reading or a gallery debut, on Zoom. Hear from our many contributors in our place.

New Organizational Highlights

We’re also proud of the way we’ve continued to advance our mission to provides feminist forums for women and gender minorities across the Mormon spectrum to share their diverse life experiences in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. This includes:

  • Funding honorariums to contributing magazine writers and artists for the first time since the magazine’s inception
  • Awarding scholarships to BIPOC writers and artists 
  • Launching a Patreon account to sustain long-tern investments in our organizations
  • Moving our magazine printing to a zero-waste, top-quality printer
Rose Serago
Rose Serago
Rosie Gochnour Serago is the Layout Editor for Exponent II. Though a Utah native, she spent a decade smelling creosote in the Sonoran Desert, comparing lobster rolls across New England and savoring thunderstorms outside of southern Appalachia. Now permanently back in Salt Lake City, she explores the expanse and rarely misses a Real Salt Lake game.

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