Vol. 41 No. 4 — Spring 2022

COVER ART“Ashley” by Aïsha Lehmann
“This piece is one from a series of portraits based on interviews conducted with mixed-race individuals, whose parents belong to two different racial or ethnic groups. The specific patterns, chair, and posture were significant to the individual’s parentage and upbringing. The project was an effort to better understand people’s personal identities based on heritage, family, and culture as opposed to racial binaries. Many described race as complex and challenging only in a societal context. On personal and familial levels, mixed identity can be a beautiful merging of two very different cultural histories. This work explores this juxtaposition. In general, mixed peoples’ experiences provide profound evidence both of racial progress in our communities, as well as persistent, racial discriminatory systems.” @aishalehmannart | aishalehmann.com 

LETTER FROM EDITOR “Eve Choices” by Rachel Rueckert

ESSAY “Utah Valley Gothic” by Catherine Crenshaw

POETRY “Disruption” by Kristen Ridge

ESSAY I Lost My Mormon Boy” by Jill Yancey

POETRY They Offered Me a Paradise” by Abigail Tenney

ESSAY There Is No End to Matter” by LeAnne Bingham Hansen

BOOK REVIEW of The Brain’s Lectionary by Elizabeth Pinborough

ESSAYSalt” by Bridget Verhaaren

POETRY “Parables” – Caitlin Connolly

THEOLOGY “Human Agency and the Inner Sea” by Kristen Blair

POETRY To Know” by Ashley Belle Harris

FLANNEL BOARDEvaluating Art Choices” by Esther Hi’ilani Candari

ARTIST FEATURE “Creating Worlds with a Sheet of Paper” — Interview with Susana I. Silva by Andrea Porras
Available in English and Spanish

ESSAYEve’s Choice/My Choice” by Christina Taber-Kewene 

ESSAYTruth Over Comfort” by Valerie Hamaker

POETRYCommunion” by Elise Christine

BLOG FEATURE by McArthur Krishna, Abby Hansen, Bryn Brody

ESSAY “Are We Not All Mothers?” by Naomi Horne

ESSAY “Falling” by Stephanie Sorensen



Editor-in-Chief Rachel Rueckert 
Managing Editors Carol Ann Litster Young
Art Editor Page Turner 
Managing Art Editor Natalie Taylor 
Layout Designer/ Editor Rosie Gochnour Serago 
Women’s Theology Editor Eliza Wells 
Sabbath Pastorals Editor Fara Sneddon 
Poetry Editor Abby Parcell 
Subscription Manager Gwen Volmar
Blog Feature Editor Katie Ludlow Rich 
Proofreaders Kami Coppins, Cherie Pedersen, Karen Rosenbaum 
Additional Staff Sandra Clark Jergensen, Kimberly Ence, Tia Thomas, Tracy Allen 



President Lori LeVar Pierce
Treasurer Jeanine Bean
Secretary Kirsten Campbell
Members Crystal Adams, Zannah Bingham Buck, Andee Bowden, Tirza Davis, Lindsay Denton, Carol Ann Litster Young, Rachel Rueckert, Heather Sundahl



Thank you to Aïsha Lehmann, Brittany Archibald, Susana I. Silva, Erica Diane Nelson, Amy Stephensen, JaNessa Droubay, J. Amber Egbert, Madyson Ysasaga, Kindia du Plessis, and Esther Hi’ilani Candari. We are also especially grateful to Camilla Stark, who illustrated artwork specifically for Catherine Crenshaw’s essay.

Exponent II (ISSN 1094-7760) is published quarterly by Exponent II. Exponent II has no official connection with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Articles published represent the opinions of authors only and not necessarily those of the editor or staff. 

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Rachel Rueckert is the current editor in chief of the Exponent II Magazine. She is the author of EAST WINDS.

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