Vol. 41 No. 2 – Fall 2021

COVER ART “Remember Them Alive”
Annelise Duque is a Filipino-American artist who explores cultural identity, heritage, and belonging in her photographs. Her work borrows from the aesthetics of mid-century home magazines and uses the symbol of the garden to seek connection and healing. Her work has been shown by The Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tropical Contemporary, Rio Gallery, and Humble Arts Foundation. In 2019, she received a BFA from Brigham Young University. She is a 2021 Visual Arts Fellow with the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. @annelise.duque

LETTER FROM EDITORStaying Open” by Carol Ann Litster Young

ESSAYOn Saying Yes to Boys” by Hannah MacDonald

POETRY Imposter” by Alixa Brobbey

FICTIONThe Book of Eve” by Roxanne Gray

POETRY During the Sacrament” by Carol Lynn Pearson

FLANNEL BOARD Detokenizing Heavenly Mother” by Erika Koth Barrett

ESSAY What They Taught Me” by Lisa Poulson

ARTIST FEATUREStarting the Conversation” – An Interview with Victoria-Riza Hyde

POETRY Fundamentalist & Aftermath” by Mary Caroline Cole

BOOK REVIEWBeyond the Mapped Stars” a novel by Rosalyn Eves

ESSAYThe Incoming U.S. Immigrant Website” by Sherrie L.M. Gavin

ESSAYGrass Crown” by Cynthia Watte Connell

SABBATH PASTORALSPersonal Records, Tunnels, and Trying Again” by Sarah Ostler Hill

POETRY Answered Prayer” by Brinn Elizabeth Bagley 

BOOK REVIEWNinety-Nine Fire Hoops” a memoir by Allison Hong Merrill

THEOLOGYRedeeming Queerness” by Blaire Ostler

POETRY Fast Sunday” by Alixa Brobbey

ESSAYA Woman, Mowing the Grass” by Amy Sorenson

POETRY Wondering Airs” by S.E. Page

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE BLOG by Kaylee, Jody England Hansen, Green

ESSAYRetreating” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich



Editor-in-Chief Rachel Rueckert 
Managing Editors Carol Ann Litster Young, Sam Layco 
Art Editor Page Turner 
Managing Art Editor Natalie Taylor 
Layout Designer/ Editor Rosie Gochnour Serago 
Women’s Theology Editor Eliza Wells 
Sabbath Pastorals Editor Fara Sneddon 
Poetry Editor Abby Parcell 
Subscription Manager Kirsten Campbell 
Proofreaders Kami Coppins, Cherie Pedersen, Karen Rosenbaum 
Additional Staff Caroleine James, Kimberly Ence, Emily Gray, Karen Rosenbaum, Shannon Soper, Heather Sundahl, Kate Bennion, Natalie Prado, Tia Thomas, Sherrie L. M. Gavin, Tracy Allen 



President Barbara Christiansen
Treasurer Susan Christiansen
Secretary Kirsten Campbell
Members Katrina Vinck Baker, Tirza Davis, Lindsay Denton, Sam Layco, Carol Ann Litster Young, Rachel Rueckert, Heather Sundahl, Lori LeVar Pierce



Thank you to Rocio Cisneros, Annelise Duque, Susan Krueger-Barber, Kayleigh Ross London, Victoria-Riza Hyde, Gabriela Ibarra, Kathleen Peterson, Emmalee Powell, Emma Squire and Lauren Walke for their artwork in this issue. We also want to acknowledge Mary Caroline Cole’s poems in this issue, which are reprinted from the Winter 2021 issue with corrected titles. 

Exponent II (ISSN 1094-7760) is published quarterly by Exponent II. Exponent II has no official connection with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Articles published represent the opinions of authors only and not necessarily those of the editor or staff. 

Copyright © 2021 by Exponent II, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Rachel Rueckert is the current editor in chief of the Exponent II Magazine. She is the author of EAST WINDS.

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