Vol. 40 No. 4 – Spring 2021

COVER ART “Mujeres” by Herikita
I am a painter that makes illustration commissions. I was born in Cali, Colombia which is a tropical city that appears in all my paintings. I love to paint about being a woman, a girl, and a mother. @herikitaconk

LETTER FROM EDITORThe Spirit of Elijah” by Margaret Olsen Hemming

ESSAYFamily History: Made for You But Not for Me” by Ramona Morris

ESSAY Tracing My Family History of Cancer” by Katie Rich

ESSAY Cheering Squad” by Susan Christiansen

WOMEN’S WORKA Historian at Work” – An Interview with Ardis E. Parshall by Rachel Rueckert

ESSAY Interwoven” by Melissa-Malcolm King

SABBATH PASTORALSStories to Give Life” by Holly Andrus

ARTIST FEATUREFamily History in Art” – An Interview with Sara Lynne Lindsay

POETRY Suffragettes at the Saltair” by Jamie Littlefield

ESSAY (Il)literacy” by Kif Augustine

ESSAY Family Constellations” by Heather Sundahl

ESSAYSister Wives” by Ashley Groesbeck

FLANNEL BOARDIncorporating Ancestral Traditions Into Modern Spiritual Practices” by Preethi Harbuck

POETRY Burning the Diary” by Anita Tanner

ESSAY Bessie’s Time Capsule” by Rebecca Bateman

ESSAYHail Mary” by Michelle Magnusson

ESSAYChoosing to Serve a Mission” by Kendra Bybee and Sareta Dobbs



Editor-in-Chief Margaret Olsen Hemming
Managing Editors Rachel Rueckert 
Art Editor Page Turner 
Layout Designer/ Editor Rosie Gochnour Serago 
Exponent Generations Editor Emily Updegraff
Sabbath Pastorals Editor Fara Sneddon 
Poetry Editor Abby Parcell 
Fiction Editor Mette Harrison
Subscription Manager Kirsten Campbell 
Proofreaders Susannah Bingham Buck, Cherie Pedersen, Karen Rosenbaum
Additional Staff Heather Sundahl, Carol Ann Litster Young, Sam Layco, Natalie Prado, Sherrie Gavin, Emily Gray, Pandora Brewer, Melodie Jackson, Mary Johnston



President Barbara Christiansen
Treasurer Susan Christiansen
Secretary Kirsten Campbell
Members Katrina Vinck Baker, Tirza Davis, Lindsay Denton, Margaret Olsen Hemming, Rachel Rueckert, Carrie Salisbury, Heather Sundahl



Rebecca Bateman, Pamela Beach, K Dawn, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Herikita, Sara Lynne Lindsay, Erica Nelson, Nicole Parish, Crystal Powell, Elizabeth Sundahl and Amber Lee Weiss

Exponent II (ISSN 1094-7760) is published quarterly by Exponent II. Exponent II has no official connection with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Articles published represent the opinions of authors only and not necessarily those of the editor or staff. 

Copyright © 2021 by Exponent II, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Rachel Rueckert is the current editor in chief of the Exponent II Magazine. She is the author of EAST WINDS.

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