Vol. 40 No. 2 – Fall 2020

COVER ART “Mi Mamá” by Rachel Stallings Thomander

This piece examines women’s participation in religious rituals. I was influenced by religious clothing and ceremonial garments by different indigenous people of Mexico and South America. I learned about ritual through my mother, so to me she embodied this inquiry. I wanted to represent her strengths and interests so I asked her a few questions to determine some of the textile’s composition. Her favorite color, plant, shape and biggest strength are all represented on the garment she is photographed wearing.

LETTER FROM EDITORExponent Love in the Time of COVID” by Margaret Olsen Hemming

ESSAYThrough an Empty Chapel” by Eliana Massey

POETRY Without Walls” by Eliana Massey

SABBATH PASTORALSSpirituality and Talent” by Amanda Waterhouse

POETRY Laying on of Hairs” by Melodie Jackson

ARTIST FEATURE Art as Autobiography” an Interview with Rachel Stallings Thomander

POETRYNever Ceasing” by Eliana Massey

EXPONENT GENERATIONSCreating Connection, Finding Peace” by Abby Kidd, Pandora Brewer, Susan Gong

ESSAY Truth” by Lorraine Jeffery

BOOK REVIEW Illuminating Ladies: Second Edition”

ESSAY Exercising Defiance” by Jamie Stokes

WOMEN’S THEOLOGYReligious Freedom, Victim Narratives, and the Need for Spiritual Self-Determination” by Emily Gilkey Palmer

POETRYDropping Stars” by Tiara Yount

WOMEN’S WORKTeaching Anti-Racism” an Interview with Alexandria Scott



Editor-in-Chief Margaret Olsen Hemming
Managing Editors Pandora Brewer, Emily Fisher Gray
Art Editor Page Turner 
Layout Designer/ Editor Rosie Gochnour Serago 
Exponent Generations Editor Emily Updegraff
Sabbath Pastorals Editor Fara Sneddon 
Poetry Editor Abby Parcell 
Fiction Editor Mette Harrison
Subscription Manager Kirsten Campbell 
Proofreaders Susannah Bingham Buck, Cherie Pedersen, Karen Rosenbaum
Additional Staff Carol Ann Litster Young, Lindsey Encinas, Natalie Prado, Sherrie Morreall Gavin



President Barbara Christiansen
Treasurer Susan Christiansen
Secretary Kirsten Campbell
Members Katrina Vinck Baker, Pandora Brewer, Emily Fisher Gray, Margaret Olsen Hemming, Libby Potter Boss, Carrie Salisbury, Heather Sundahl



Thank you to Annie K. Blake, Caitlin Connolly, Maren Elmont, Emily Hawkins, Karalee Kuchar, Brynley Lazar, Aïsha Lehmann Tanner and Rachel Stallings Thomander for their artwork in this issue.

Exponent II (ISSN 1094-7760) is published quarterly by Exponent II. Exponent II has no official connection with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Articles published represent the opinions of authors only and not necessarily those of the editor or staff. 

Copyright © 2021 by Exponent II, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Rachel Rueckert is the current editor in chief of the Exponent II Magazine. She is the author of EAST WINDS.

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