We are always accepting submissions on any topic at [email protected] and love to receive poetry, personal essays and art that express the stories of Mormon women across the spectrum.

Art submissions can be sent to the art editor at [email protected]

Here are some of our recurring features for which we are continually accepting submissions:

Description: Sometimes we experience a shift in understanding in a moment, and sometimes it takes a lifetime. This column strives to capture those moments (or accumulation of moments) in life where we discover a new part of ourselves or the world around us. By sharing our awakenings, we seek to connect with other women who have had similar moments of discovery. The category of awakening can include many types of experiences: social, religious, feminist, personal, etc., allowing us to explore the moments in our lives when we first, woke up to a new idea that changed our perspective forever.

Global Zion
Description: Our feature gives voice to the international and multicultural experience of women in the Mormon Church.

Description: Each issue will have at least one page of poetry from current writers, and seeks out some worthy work from writers in the past including previous Exponent II contributors for at least 1 page of poetry per issue.  Emphasis will be on works that express women’s life experience.

Sister Speak
Description: This feature will give readers of Exponent II a forum to present their own thoughts about a given topic. Each issue, the feature editor will introduce a question about a topic of interest to Mormon women and invite responses from readers. Readers will email their insights or experiences to the editor, who will compile a selection of responses to publish in the upcoming issue. This feature will be a forum for constructive dialogue, as readers who normally consume the publication are given the opportunity to contribute to it. It also allows for a multiplicity of viewpoints and perspectives, a founding goal of Exponent II.

Sabbath Pastorals
The Sabbath Pastorals feature presents talks or addresses given in various LDS Church meetings.  We work with the speaker (and author) to remain as true to the delivered text as possible in order to offer readers an awareness of what topics members are presenting to congregations church-wide.  Particularly, we provide these texts as insightful approaches for readers to consider when asked themselves to speak in an LDS worship service.  Think of it as Pinterest, but for valuable expositions from the LDS pulpit.

Women’s Theology

Description:  This feature will showcase emerging Mormon theology through exegesis, interfaith doctrinal comparisons, and examples of our own as to how Mormon feminism can grow and benefit from other theologies (e.g. ecofeminism, liberation theology, etc).

Flannel Board
Description: This section helps people magnify their callings by providing ideas for teaching Primary, Young Women’s or Relief Society with a feminist bent.  Ideas include diverse uses for art and music, thought-provoking questions, analogies and metaphors, and for the younger crowd, games and object lessons.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as a picture that could be used to demonstrate a gospel principle that shows the diversity in our Church.  Other times, it could be a lesson outline or game to play.

Reconciliations, Idealist Feminist/Practical Feminist Column
Description: This feature will present a space for dialogue between people to share their experience and emotions as they have navigated their way in and out of Mormonism.  There are not enough examples of productive conversations between people who have chosen to stay in the church with those who have chosen to leave.  Exponent’s founding principle that “this exchange allows us to better understand each other and shape the direction of our lives” will be better fulfilled by such conversations taking place in print.