Letters to the Editor, Volume 23, Number 4 (Summer 2000)

Letters to the Editor
Volume 23, No. 4

Failing eyesight and other indignities of aging have caused me to move to a retirement home. I can no longer read Exponent II easily so am reluctantly dropping my subscription, which I have had since its inception. I have enjoyed it very much and will miss the level and quite moving opinions expressed there. I hope you can keep up the good work. 
Edith Y. Harris Chicago, IL

This [Winter 2000] was my first copy of Exponent as a subscriber. I read it cover to cover in two days even though I had a busy schedule. It was like a visit from a good friend – one I can share my true feelings with. 

The refreshing honesty of the articles was a much-needed breath of fresh air. I agreed heartily with Margaret Dredge that the young, smart, talented single women of the Church have been dealt an unfair hand. I grieved with Mary Johnston over the loss of her baby and her father and understood as she gained an awareness of the fragility of life. It was wonderful to meet Richard and Claudia Bushman in the interview by Dennis Lythgoe. The different points of view on “What’s God Like?” were wonderful. These are the kinds of conversations (even though they’re only read) that I would like to have in church. I shared my most recent issue [Spring 2000] about mothering and/or working outside the home with my daughter who is working part time with a new baby. 
Ann Johnson Sandy, Utah

Please know how much I (and others like me) have come to rely on Exponent II for much-needed perspective on thought-provoking issues that we do not get in other places. My life has been more full, introspective, and fulfilling because of all of the energy and effort that has come out of Exponent II for the last twenty-five years. My only wish is that I could have helped in some way other than just subscribing and trying to encourage others by “getting the word out.” Unfortunately, with Colorado rubbing shoulders with Utah along the border, there seem to be few people who even want to examine issues individually, let alone take time to discuss them in depth. Exponent II has truly been a lifeline for me! Heartfelt Thanks! 
Estelle T. Lance Grand Junction, CO 

I have been a subscriber from the beginning. I have always kept the issues with the intent that my daughter would one day go back and find in them a treasure of her heritage as great as I would have felt had I discovered the original Exponents in my ancestors’ possession. 
Kathleen Bascom Baer 

Frances (Tance) Taylor Tate